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The “Gateway Clinic” is the foundation for our Hoof Care Certification Programs. It is also a perfect program for horse owners who want to trim their own horses and for those who want to evaluate the possibility of a career in hoof care.

For additional information contact Ann Corso, Director of our Barefoot Initiative, or 606-224-0466.

Gateway Clinic 2015: Another successful Gateway Clinic has come to a close. This year it was held at Ohio State University ATI, Wooster, Ohio. We had students from the UK, Austria, Canada, and the US in attendance. It was a perfect venue with on-campus housing for students and an indoor anatomy classroom for trimming hooves. We met students at the airport and took them back at the end of the clinic. We made the trip as easy and affordable as possible for them. Transportation and campus housing were provided courtesy of Liberated Horsemanship.

Here are a few comments that were posted on Facebook by this year’s students:

“Thank you all, it was a wonderful experience to have with so many passionate and talented people, you have inspired me.”

“Thank you to all of the wonderful instructors. The clinic was a truly amazing experience and I'm so excited to look at my horses' hooves with my new-found knowledge, and thrilled to have answers to the questions regarding hoof care that I've had for the past several months! Thank you many times over!”

“The clinic was awesome! Of course I learned a lot about hooves, but a lot of general horse knowledge too.”

“I am so excited to look at my horses' hooves with new eyes. I appreciate learning from our instructors' expertise and years of experience. I also feel like I learned so much from having hands on so many hooves of different shapes, sizes and conditions. Thank you all for setting up such a great learning experience!”

.A “wonderful job and and I applaud our instructors. I am very happy over how simple the trim was made, when in reality, it looked extremely hard. I hope to not stop here and continue on to master level.”

“Many thanks to Ann, Steve, and Bruce! I learned so much and really enjoyed the entire experience.”

The Friday Evening Event During The Gateway Clinic: On Friday evening we had three members of The Ohio State University faculty give horse-related presentations. They were terrific! There were over 50 people present and we had fun giving away nearly $1,000 worth of door prizes, including a number of EQUITAG’s Smart Tags for Horses, books and articles by Dr. Bruce Nock, tack, grooming materials, and a snazzy belt designed by Professor Steve Hebrock, the Enlightened Equine, OSU faculty member and Liberated Horsemanship instructor. Dr. Danny Michaels (President of EQUITAG) also provide great refreshments for the event. All-in-all it was a fun and very educational evening.

2016 United States Gateway Clinic. We will do it again at Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute, Wooster, Ohio. We haven’t set a firm date yet but it is likely to be in June. The venue is convenient to the Akron or Cleveland airports. We will offer shuttle service to and from the airport and campus housing. We also will try to arrange lunches catered by the OSU chef. Transportation to and from the airport, campus housing, and lunches (if we can complete the arrangements) will be provided free, courtesy of Liberated Horsemanship. Additional information will be posted as it becomes available. 

*Refunds are granted up to 30 days prior to an event. A $30 processing fee plus any PayPal fee will be deducted from each refund. No refunds will be granted within 30 days of the event, although the funds may be applied to a future Clinic.

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