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The “Gateway Clinic” is the foundation for our Hoof Care Certification Programs. It is also a perfect program for horse owners who want to trim their own horses and for those who want to evaluate the possibility of a career in hoof care.

For additional information contact Ann Corso, Director of our Barefoot Initiative, or 606-224-0466.

When: June 6 – 10, 2016. REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN.* Pay in full or in two installments. Total fee = US$ 1,775.00.

Where: Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute, Wooster, Ohio. The venue is convenient to the Akron or Cleveland airports. We will offer free shuttle service to and from the airport.

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Housing: Free campus housing or stay in a local hotel that is within walking distance of the clinic.

Lunches: Free lunches catered by the OSU chef.

Instructors: Ann Corso, Master Hoof Care Professional, Director of LH Barefoot Initiative; Professor Steve Hebrock (aka Enlightened Equine), Master Hoof Care Professional, Certified Booting Specialist; Dr. Bruce Nock, MS, PhD.

In 2015 we had people attend the Gateway Clinic at OSU from the U.S., Canada, Austria and the UK. The convenience of the airports, shuttle service and campus housing make it very easy for people from around the world to attend a Gateway Clinic. The currency exchange rates is also very favorable for many countries.

*Refunds are granted up to 30 days prior to an event. A $30 processing fee plus any PayPal fee will be deducted from each refund. No refunds will be granted within 30 days of the event, although the funds may be applied to a future Clinic.

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Other Upcoming Events

Another Evening Of Equine, June 10, 2016, 6 – 10 PM, Ohio State University ATI, Wooster, Ohio. Our annual free, open to the public evening of fun and education with presentations this year by Jessica Suagee-Bedore, MS, PhD (The Hard Keeper: Feeding the High-Maintenance Horse), Ann Corso, MHCP (Hoof Quality: A Window Into Your Horse’s Health And Happiness), and Bruce Nock, MS, PhD (Obesity And Insulin Resistance Is Not Just About Feeding A Horse Too Much). I hope you can join us.

Equine Osteopath Conference, July 5 – 7, 2016, Olds College, Olds, Alberta Canada. On July 6, Bruce will take conference participants on a journey toThe Inconceivable”—a two and a half hour science-based presentation. Topics include: Stress—How Management & Use Practices Affect Health; Inconceivable! Longevity & The Future; Stress, Obesity & Cushing’s; Stress—What To Do About It.

Speaker For The Horse

The third article in the Speaker For The Horse Series in now available. Unconscious Competence: The Memories of Riding is a 6,600 word article. Don’t let the title fool you. These memories are not about the past. These are the memories that determine a rider's competence. Understanding them provides insights to all sorts of riding-relevant things, like teaching and training success, plateaus in performance, and why some people seem to be able to train horses so quickly and easily. They can even help guide your choice of riding instructors. To get your copies of the first two articles of this series go to “Written By Bruce.”

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