About Certification

The hoof care professionals listed below have been certified by LH. That means they have completed the LH Professional Hoof Care Training Course or they were certified by another legitimate program and then passed a set of LH exemption tests. More importantly, it means they have demonstrated to world-class instructors the high degree of skill and knowledge required to trim relatively healthy hooves so they will grow into a strong compact form that properly aligns internal and external structures of the foot. This is a very commendable accomplishment. Personally, I will always choose a certified hoof care professional for my horses. Certification not only attests to their high degree of skill and knowledge, but also to their commitment and investment to be the best hoof care professional they can be.

Many of the professionals listed below are also sufficiently skilled and knowledgeable to trim abnormally-shaped hooves and to guide horse owners on a path to return their horses to health from hoof pathologies such as laminitis. This level of expertise is achieved only through extensive field experience and continuing education provided by LH Advanced Courses.

LH is an educational corporation dedicated to long-term support for people who attend our courses and events, and to establishing and maintaining long-term relationships. However, it is important to recognize that LH is not a membership organization. Accordingly, we have absolutely no power or authority, legally or otherwise, over the actions of those listed below, just as a college diploma gives the institution no authority over its graduates. Thus, certification is a recognition of an individual’s ability to trim hooves so they will grow into a strong compact form that properly aligns internal and external structures of the foot. It does not guarantee the certified individual will do so. There are many forces that can entice an individual to drift overtime away from what LH teaches. In the vast majority of such cases, it’s temporary. The individual returns to our trimming guidelines when they discover that other trimming methods do not provide optimal results over the long run.

Bruce Nock, MS, PhD

No Certified Hoof Care Professional Near You?

Sometimes it is hard to find a local certified hoof care professional or one who is willing to travel to underserved locations. Contact us if you are having problems. Please don’t settle for a professional who is not certified by a reputable program.

But, here are two additional possible solutions:

Learn To Do It Yourself.

We can teach you the skill and information necessary. Read more about our training program for non-professionals.

Encourage Someone in Your Area to Learn This Valuable Skill.

Natural hoof care is a great career or part-time job. It’s a perfect complementary skill for trainers, boarding facility owners, farriers, students in equine studies and equine sciences programs, and even veterinarians. Perhaps there is someone in your area who you, maybe along with others, can sponsor to get professional-level training. Read more about our certification program.

The Names Of Certified Hoof Care Professionals Below Are Organized By Country,

Then Alphabetically By State Or Province

CHCP = LH Certified Hoof Care Professional

CZHCP = LH Certified Zoo Hoof Care Professional

MHCP = LH Master Hoof Care Professional

CBS = Certified Boot Specialist who is certified to custom fit Swiss Horse Boots.

United States of America


Danny Thornburg, CHCP

Shelby. Alabama, USA

Home: 205-669-7409

Email: bamarrman@bellsouth.net

Danson Thornburg, CHCP

Shelby. Alabama, USA

Home: 205-669 -7553

Email: giddyupgiblet@bellsouth.net


Richard Drewry, MHCP, CBS

Harrison, Arkansas, USA

Home: 870-429-5739

Cell: 870-577-3974

Email: bootngo@ritternet.com

Louetta Plumlee, CHCP, CBS

Berryville, Arkansas, USA

Home: 870-749-2207

Cell: 870-423-9396

Email: barefoothorse4you@yahoo.com

Marci Reno, CHCP

Compton, Arkansas, USA

Email: renorealty@ritternet.com

Jim Venske, CHCP

Rogers, Arkansas, USA

Cell: 479-685-6693

Email: venskj@yahoo.com

James Lumen, CHCP

Leslie, Arkansas, USA

Home: 870-447-6117

Cell: 501-412-7042

Email: lumark@windstream.net

Samantha Fribert, CHCP

Malvern, Arkansas, USA

Cell: 501-317-1687

Email: ninemilejunction@yahoo.com


Kimberly Ann Jackson, CHCP

Calabasas, California, USA

Serving Central and Southern California

Cell: 818-522-0536

Email: ecwynes@gmail.com

Bruce Goode, CHCP

Davis California, USA

Cell: 530-400-2441

Email: bruce@hooftrack.com


John Graves, CHCP, Retired with Emeritus Status

Sarah Graves, CHCP

Pueblo, Colorado, USA

Email: sm_graves21@hotmail.com



Michael Edwards, CHCP

Gainesville, Florida, USA

Phone: 352-339-5122

Email: claymoreconn@hotmail.com

Cindy Hall, CZHCP

Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens, Florida, USA

Phone: ‭239-777-6656‬

Email: chall@napleszoo.org


Darrell Covert, CHCP

Pocatello, Idaho, USA

Home Phone: 208-238-6365

Cell Phone: 208-406-8613

Email: Covert_Darrell@Yahoo.com


Sue Schnur, CHCP

Kirklin, Indiana, USA … Sue also travels to Zionsville and the surrounding counties and state.

Phone: 317-710-0545

Email:  esschnur@icloud.com

Trish George, CHCP

Pendleton, Indiana, USA

Phone: 765-278-0628

Email:  luckynaturalhorse@comcast.net


Randy Hensley, CHCP

Orient, Iowa, USA

Phone: 641-745-5576

Email: randy@naturalequinehoof.com


Terrie Yordy, MHCP, CBS (Retired)


Ann Corso, MHCP

London, Kentucky, USA

Cell: 606-224-0466

Email: anncorso@me.com

Skype: ann.corso

Lane Rhodes, CHCP

Whitesville, Kentucky, USA

Covers: Daviess and surrounding counties in west KY and parts of southeast IN

Phone: 270-993-2297 

Email: lanerhodes@ymail.com

Steve Johnson, CHCP

 Kentucky, USA

Phone: 270-999-1389

Email: tawnimarah@hotmail.com

Trena Morris, CHCP

The Incredible Bare Hoof Natural Horse/Hoof Care

Serving central Kentucky, northern Tennessee, southern Indiana, USA

Phone: 502-264-3698

Email: trenasnaturals@hotmail.com

Jacob Johnson, CHCP

Bowling Green, Ky

Phone: (270) 792 6656 

Email: Jake37125@hotmail.com

Brandie Stewart, CHCP

The Incredible Bare Hoof Natural Horse/Hoof Care

Serving middle/west Tennessee and west Kentucky

Phone: (615) 336-3043

Email: brandiem2015@yahoo.com


Birgit Rocconella, CHCP

Searsport, Maine, USA

Servicing clients in Waldo County

Cell: 860-849-1124

Email: brocconella@cox.net

Richard L. Lamb, MHCP, CBS

Caribou, Maine, USA

Richard travels throughout Maine to trim horses.

Phone: 207-493-6633

Email:  barefoottrims@gmail.com


Steve Leiter, CHCP

East Tawas, Michigan, USA

Cell: 989-254-0321

Home: 989-362-1038

Email: barefoothorses@hughes.net


Kelly Williams, CHCP

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Kelly trims in  Minnesota and Western Wisconsin.

Phone: 612-964-8814

Email:  bareandbalanced@gmail.com

Linda Carlson, CHCP

Stillwater, Minnesota, USA

Serving Minnesota and western Wisconsin.

Phone: 651-439-0530

Email: Stonebrogue@hotmail.com

Arthur Niemela, CHCP

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Phone: 612-481-3135

Catherine Master, CHCP

Serving Anoka County, MN

Phone: 612-227-1128

Email: cmaster13@gmail.com



Jeanine Key, CHCP, CBS (Retired)

Katie Langenberg, CHCP

Conway, Missouri, USA

Serving South Central Missouri

Phone: (417) 589-4152

Email: katieryn@bechardfarm.com

Bradd Stice, CHCP

Lewistown, Missouri, USA

Serving the tri-state area of Missouri, Iowa, & Illinois

Phone: (660) 341-4580

Email: bradstice@gmail.com

Pamela Wolf , CHCP

Florissant MO, USA

Serving East Central MO. Willing to travel 200 miles or more.

Phone: 314-882-1092

Email: Chrispamw@gmail.com

New Jersey

Michelle Bevelock, CHCP, CBS

Monmouth County NJ and Appomattox County VA, USA

Phone: 941-737-8546

Email: bevelockm@gmail.com

New Mexico

Steve Hebrok, MHCP

Santa Fe and surounding areas

Cell: 330-813-5434

Email: steve@enlightenedequine.com

Dora Hebrock, CHCP

Santa Fe and surounding areas

Cell: 505-803-2319

Email: dora@dorahebrock.com

North Carolina

Mike R. Smith, CHCP, CBS

Statesville, North Carolina, USA

Phone: 704-592-5034

Email: msranch@yadtel.net

Lisa Ross, CHCP

Pittsboro, North Carolina, USA

Phone: 919-886-5615

Email: 180lisa@gmail.com


Steve Hebrock, MHCP, CBS

Akron, Ohio, USA

Cell: 330-813-5434

Email: steve@enlightenedequine.com

Dora Hebrock, CHCP

Akron, Ohio, USA

Cell: 505-803-2319

Email: dora@dorahebrock.com

Ida Crum, CHCP, CBS

Massillon, Ohio, USA

Serving: Most of Ohio

Cell: 330-936-2343

Email: jakeida@sssnet.com

Mike Stevens, CHCP

Cutler, Ohio, USA

Serving: Ohio & West Virginia

Phone: 216-218-6954

Home: 740-678-8592

Email: mustanghoofcare@yahoo.com

Sherry Eucker, CHCP, CBS (Retired)

Kim Kinyo, CHCP

Hinckley, Ohio, USA

Phone: 330-204-3248

Email: kdomo3@roadrunner.com

Brandy Arotin, CHCP

Montville, Ohio, USA

Phone: 440-563-6820

Email: appy2779@aol.com

Olivia Sundin, CHCP

Columbus, OH, USA

Serving central Ohio

Phone: 740-404-1899

Email: horsin49@gmail.com


Judith Good, CHCP

Corvallis, Oregon, USA

Home: 541-752-6260

Cell: 541-829-3505

Email: goodj@peak.org

Tami Davis, CHCP Retired

Megan Perkin, CHCP

Eugene/Springfield, Oregon and surrounding areas, USA

Phone: 541-743-1535

Email: tarijoe@juno.com


Nancy Frishkorn, CHCP

New Castle, PA



Joel Rosenstern, CHCP

Serving Western Pennsylvania to West Virginia, USA

Phone: 724-777-2406

Email: jrosbebe@hotmail.com

South Carolina

J Brian Saunders, CHCP, CBS

York, South Carolina, USA

Serving North Carolina and South Carolina

Phone: 704-451-3751

Email: healinghandsnaturalhoofcare@yahoo.com

South Dakota

Cynthia Niemela, CHCP, CBS

Hill City, South Dakota, USA

Home: 605-574-2469

Cell: 612-481-3036

Email: naturalhorsecare10@gmail.com

Chris Loehr, CHCP

Hill City, South Dakota, USA

Serving the Black Hills area

Phone: 307-214-0127

Email: loehr08@gmail.com


Dr. Neal Valk, CHCP, DVM, DACVS

Greenville, Tennessee, USA

Phone: 423-639-9200

Email: Vwaldgraf@aol.com

Steve Johnson, CHCP

Tennessee, USA

Phone: 270-999-1389

Email: tawnimarah@hotmail.com

Kell Manning, CHCP

Serving  Knoxville, Tennessee & surrounding communities including Jamestown, TN and Crossville, TN.

Cell: 865-765-9632

Email: naturalhoofcare@me.com

Brandie Stewart, CHCP

The Incredible Bare Hoof Natural Horse/Hoof Care

Serving middle/west Tennessee and west Kentucky

Phone: (615) 336-3043

Email: brandiem2015@yahoo.com


Eddie Drabek, CHCP, CBS

El Campo, Texas, USA

Cell: 979-533-1731

Email: drabektx@hotmail.com

Joey Muzquiz, CHCP

Abilene, Texas, USA

Cell: 210-274-7943

Email: joey@steelbent.com

Scott Berry, CHCP, CBS

Cypress, Texas, USA

(Northwest Houston area)

Cell: 713-857-5344

Email: drafthrsmobile@hal-pc.org

Danny Pryor, CHCP, CBS

Brookshire, Texas, USA

Phone: 713-823-6573

Email: equinehoof@gmail.com

Bill Sharp, CHCP

Danbury, Texas, USA

Sharp Hoof Care: Proudly serving central and south east Texas etc.

Phone: 281-914-3331

Email: sharphoofcare911@yahoo.com

Annie Bauer, CHCP, CBS

Austin, Texas, USA

Phone: 512-869-9186

Email: annietx7@gmail.com

Dusty McCord, CHCP, (Retired)

Casey M. Jones, EDO & CHCP

Boerne, Texas

Serving Southwest & Central Texas.

Haul in’s welcome by appointment.

Phone: 512-767-2556

E-mail:  casey@healinghoofprint.com

Mark Taylor, MHCP, CBS

Houston, Texas, USA

Home: 662-224-3043

Cell: 662-224-4158

Email: barefoot2003@gmail.com

Gilbert Garcia Jr, CHCP

Houston, TX USA

Serving Houston and surrounding areas

Phone: 713-206-6446

Email: Gilshooftrimming@gmail.com



Natalie Gombosi, CHCP

East Poultney, Vermont, USA
Servicing Vermont and Eastern New York

Phone: 802-287-9777

Email: go-barefoot@comcast.net


Michelle Bevelock, CHCP, CBS

Monmouth County NJ and Appomattox County VA, USA

Phone: 941-737-8546

Email: bevelockm@gmail.com


Leslie Walls, CHCP

Ridgefield, Washington, USA

Home: 360-887-0529


Email: barehooflcw@yahoo.com

West Virginia

Kathy Beagle, CHCP

New Cumberland, West Virginia  , USA

Serving West Virginia, Eastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania

Phone: 304-479-1869

Email: kdrosieb@yahoo.com

Joel Rosenstern, CHCP

Serving Western Pennsylvania to West Virginia, USA

Phone: 724-777-2406

Email: jrosbebe@hotmail.com


Nick Hill, CHCP

Location: Bulgaria and UK

Contact: +44 796 637 2641

Email: nickhill984@gmail.com



Gunnilla Nilsson, CHCP, CBS

Athabasca, Alberta, Canada, USA

Phone: 780 675 3472

Email: gunnilla.nilsson@gmail.com

British Columbia

Chris P. Bieber, CHCP

Slocan Valley, British Columbia, Canada. Serving the West Kootenay Region.

Phone: 250-355-2247

Email: naturalhoofcare@uniserve.com

Darcy Bulmer, CHCP, CBS

Enderby, British Columbia, Canada

Serving the Salmon Arm, Enderby, Armstrong and Vernon area

Home Phone: 250-838-6938

Cell Phone: 250-515-3150

Email: gobarefootbc@gmail.com

New Brunswick

Zandra Rubinger, CHCP

Fredericton, NB, Canada

Phone: 506-238-1582

Email: zrubinger@yahoo.com


Kevin Glenister, CHCP

Dryden, Ontario, Canada




Yoann Brochard, CHCP

Covering department 66, France

Phone : +33 (0)7 69 97 26 86

Email: info@chevalbarefoot.fr


Marjanka Lever, CHCP

Covering Landkreis Niedersachsen (Emsland & Leer)

Phone: (0031) 06 1894 5079

Email: info@natuurlijke-hoeven.nl

Coen Huisman, CHCP

Covering west of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW)

Phone: +316 28424487

Email: coen@throughfeel.nl

New Zealand

Rosa Stackhouse-Miller, CHCP

New Zealand

Phone: +64 21 992 068

Email: rosa@nakedhorse.co.nz


Polina Vorobyova, CHCP, CBS

Saint-Petersburg and Moscow.

Phone: “WhatsApp” only +79680785560

Email: stepnay4@gmail.com

Nataliya Vaganova, CHCP

Saint-Petersburg and Moscow.

Phone: +79645520897

Email: naturalhooftrim@gmail.com


Dr. Albert Villasevil Florensa, CHCP, DVM

Phone: +34 686 54 88 22

Email: podoleg.equi@gmail.com

Marc Sánchez Carbó, CHCP

Barberà de la Conca, Spain

Phone: +34 606 58 52 85

Email: marc.ferrador@gmail.com

Otilio González, CHCP

Phone: +34 629 83 73 46

Email: info@bootsforhorses.es

Bernat Victor Vaqué, CHCP

Email: bernat.victor@yahoo.com

Yoann Brochard, CHCP

Covering Catalunya, Spain

Phone : +34 664 786 750

Email: info@chevalbarefoot.fr

Daniela Sinecka, CHCP

Covering: Asturias, Cantabria, Galicia, León, Vizcaya; Spain

Phone: +34 654 76 5151

Email: dadinas@yahoo.com

Alejandro Asensio, F-Balance CHCM, FEI endurance steward, CHCP

Porrúa S/N, 33509 LLanes Spain

Covering North Spain ( Asturias, Cantabria, País Vasco…). Also  Alejandro consults worldwide.

Phone : +34 619 425 424

Email: info@podologoequino.com

United Arab Emirates

Rosa Stackhouse-Miller, CHCP

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 55 926 9384

Email: rosa@nakedhorse.co.nz

The Netherlands

Marjanka Lever, CHCP

Covering Groningen & Drenthe

Phone: (0031) 06 1894 5079

Email: info@natuurlijke-hoeven.nl

Coen Huisman, CHCP

Covering Limburg, east of Brabant, south of Gelderland

Phone: +316 28424487

Email: coen@throughfeel.nl

Anique Potze, CHCP

Covering Drenthe and Groningen

Phone: +31 6 31684258

Email: info@aphorecare.nl

The United Kingdom

Nick Hill, CHCP

Location: Bulgaria and UK

Contact: +44 796 637 2641

Email: nickhill984@gmail.com

Caroline Andresen, CHCP

Covering Somerset, Wiltshire, Dorset, Devon, Cornwall & Gloucestershire

Phone: 07758528228

Email: caroline.andresen@gmail.com

Dr. Fiona Pim, CHCP, DC

Oxfordshire & Berkshire, UK

Phone: +44 (0) 7970801292

Email: fionapim@connectednaturally.co.uk

Steve Vendyback, CHCP

Covering the Midlands and surrounding counties, Norfolk area. Willing to travel within a reasonable distance.

Mobile Phone: 07828194098

Home Phone: 0116 2571381

Email: steve.vendyback@gmail.com

Lindsay Setchell, CHCP

Covering Cornwall and South Devon, UK.

Phone: 07588 249078

Email: linds@hoofingmarvellous.net

Sarah Oliver, CHCP

Covering Scottish Borders, Dumfries and Galloway, Cumbria, North Yorkshire and the North East.

Mobile Phone: 07837904076

Email: s.oliver302@gmail.com

Kim Taylor, CHCP

Covering North Cornwall and North Devon

Phone: 01579 320499

Email: kimetaylor@mail.com

Garry Hinton, CHCP

Covering Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset ( and will consider surrounding counties)

Phone: 07739 667392

Email: garry.hinton@yahoo.co.uk

Jayne Cooney, CHCP

A kind and happy soul lost much too soon.

Emma Bailey, CHCP

Covering Mid and North Wales, Shropshire, Cheshire, Liverpool,  West Midlands, Anglesea, and surrounding areas.

Telephone: +44 1691 780086

Mobile: 07449 534432

Email: hoofmanship@thoroughbredservices.co.uk

Rachel Briffa, CHCP

Covering Southeast Cornwall, Devon, and surrounding areas

Telephone: +07875164292

Email: raebriff@hotmail.co.uk

Taryn Hardman, CHCP

Covering Cheshire, Manchester and Lancashire and the Wirral

Phone number: 07729805923

Email: tarynhardman123@icloud.com

Courtney Savage, CHCP

Covering Cumbria, Dumfries and Galloway, Scottish Borders, north Lancashire North Yorkshire

Phone number: 07760885099

Email: courtz_sav@hotmail.co.uk