Integrating Hoof & Body Health



LH is an educational corporation.

Our programs are designed around the recognition that the feet of equines and other ungulates are a living part of the whole body and that the relationships between hoof, mind, and body are reciprocal and inseparable. Factors that affect the health of one, either directly or indirectly, affect the health of the others.

The information in our programs is vitally important for understanding the risk factors, causes, and management of hoof pathologies and for properly identifying the origins and treatments of hoof, gait, and postural abnormalities. Hoof shape and health are also essential diagnostic windows into the state of overall physical and mental health.

Established in 2003 by Bruce Nock, M.S., Ph.D.

*Upcoming events are listed below.*

Hoof Care Training Programs

This course is for people seeking a career in hoof care or who are already trimming professionally and want to augment and validate their knowledge and skill through our certification program.

The Houston Mounted Police helped to legitimize natural hoof care when they successfully transitioned their horses from shoes to barefoot. Twelve Houston Mounted Police Officers have attended our training programs. Now, LH offers a training program, led by Houston Police Officers Scott Berry and Danny Pryor, designed especially for people who care for mounted working horses.

So, you don’t think your horses can go barefoot? Read Mounted Police: Why Your City Can and Should Have Mounted Police written by Dr. Bruce Nock, M.S., Ph.D. & Senior Police Officer Scott D. Berry, BAAS, MSSL. 

A program designed for non-professionals who might want to trim their own horses or perhaps just want to be able to knowledgeably evaluate the health of their horse’s hooves and the work of their professional hoof care provider.

Training & Certification For Zoo Professionals

People have been trying to maintain and improve the health and integrity of the hooves of horses for hundreds of years. A lot was learned over those years. Until recently, however, most of it was about how to prepare and apply shoes or some other artificial contrivance … none of which is in any way relevant to barefoot zoo animals. In fact, such devices are known to increase harmful impact vibrations on the hoof and leg bones and interfere with natural hoof functions. Instead, successful hoof care for animals living out of the wild requires a multifaceted approach that includes trimming that encourages the hoof to grow toward its optimally functional aboriginal form, along with lifestyle and environmental living conditions that support hoof and animal health and prevent the emergence of abnormalities and pathologies. These principles and the methods to implement them are the focus of the LHZ certification program.


  • September 16 – September 19, 2024: International Gateway To Hoof Care ClinicNewcastleton, Scottish Borders, United Kingdom. Registration is open and closes August 16, 2024 or when the clinic is full.

All LH equine hoof care programs begin with the Gateway Clinic. After attending a Gateway Clinic, all other phases of the hoof care training programs are scheduled at the convenience of students and instructors.

The LH program for zoo professionals starts with the LHZ Workshop.