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The U.S. Gateway Clinic

The Foundation For LH Equine Hoof Care Training Programs

The Gateway Clinic grew from a revolutionary event that was held nearly 20 years ago at the Fairgrounds in Warren County, Missouri. It was the first time authentic experts in complementary fields came together to teach people about the interaction of the many forces that impact hoof health. Since then, Gateway Clinics have been regularly held in Missouri, at the Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute, and at the White Stallion Ranch in Arizona. We have also been invited to present the clinic at Texas A&M University’s Parsons Mounted Cavalry facility and wonderful locations in British Columbia, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom. People from more than 20 countries have attended a Gateway Clinic. Now, for the first time since 2014, we are coming home to Warrenton, Missouri, welcoming both past and new clinic participants.

What makes the Gateway Clinic stand apart from other hoof-trimming clinics? Well, the trimming instruction is based on time-tested principles with plenty of hands-on practice. Extensive information about hoof form, function, and landings is also provided, giving context to the trimming instruction. Even more importantly, Gateway Clinic participants are challenged to think critically about managing hoof health. There are no magic formulas. Far too many factors impact hoof health for that to be effective. Trimming is one important element. But, hoof health is also significantly influenced by common life factors, especially management practices, the environment the animal lives in, and its overall well-being. Optimal hoof care requires an understanding and approach that integrate all of these factors.

There Is No Comparable Seminar 

Clinic Instructors

Ann Corso, Co-founder of the LH Barefoot Initiative, Director of LH Barefoot Training Programs, Owner of Liberated Hoof Care, LLC, and Master Hoof Care Professional.

Steve Hebrock, MS, Retired university instructor, author of the Enlightened Equine blog, Master Hoof Care Professional, and Certified Booting Specialist.

Dr. Bruce Nock, MS, PhD., LH owner, biomedical scientist, and retired medical school professor.

Registration Includes

  • The four day seminar—Monday 9 AM September 2 through Thursday 5 PM September 5, 2024.
  • Light morning refreshments and lunch.
  • $? off the registration fee for future Gateway To Hoof Care Clinics (GC). Contact Bruce for more information: or 314-974-5847.


Registration will open soon.

Please Note: Approximately one month before the seminar, we will send an email message to all registered participants confirming that the event will take place. We suggest you wait until then to make plane reservations. This will prevent the loss of travel funds due to an unexpected cancellation of the seminar, e.g., an instructor’s illness, travel restrictions, etc. If such an event occurs, we will refund all registration fees in full. Our policy for participant requests for refunds is described below.

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