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People from 20 countries and nearly 50 US states have participated in LH training programs. LH has held events in Australia, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States. Read examples of what people have said after attending a training event below.

                             La Llacuna, Catalonia, Spain

Examples Of What People Have Written

“In October I attended a natural hoof care clinic conducted by Liberated Horsemanship in the USA. This was a great experience for me. I learnt a great deal about caring for horses and their feet from this team of knowledgeable and very experienced horse people. We traded a great deal of information during the 1 week course. I came home and re-trimmed all of my horses (all 15 of them!) and felt confident that I was doing the best thing for them. I would encourage people to attend this clinic, or one similar, no matter what level of experience or knowledge they have. Several of Liberated Horsemanship’s field instructors attended the seminar to assist with students learning but also to continue their own education. This is an organization that has the welfare of the horse as its main priority. The financial commitment they made to take me to the States is proof of their commitment to scientific advancement and continuing education in equine care.

During the USA visit I gave a six hour presentation of the teams work in St Louis. Liberated Horsemanship fully sponsored my trip to the USA for this purpose and I am greatly appreciative to Bruce Nock and his team for allowing me the opportunity to travel there and speak.” 

Dr. Brian Hampson, PhD, founder of the Australian Brumby Research Unit, School of Veterinary Sciences, University of Queensland

“The information was beyond my expectations. It is a program I believe every horse professional should hear, including veterinarians and animal chiropractors.  The information is vital not only to the practitioner working with horses, but also useful to pass along to clients.

Dr. Anna Huber, DVM, CAVCA, owner Bone-A-Fide Animal Chiropractic.

What a great time I had at the Gateway Clinic. So much good information and such kind, generous, and knowledgeable instructors/lecturers. I don’t know where to begin to elaborate on all my thoughts and feelings about my week in Warrenton.

First of all, thank you, Bruce, for allowing your passion for horses and your vision for helping horses and people to flow into the creation of Liberated Horsemanship. Never will I look at horses, and HOOF HEALTH, the same way, again. You, Richard, Ann, and Cynthia have opened my eyes and my understanding, and I find I’m having to seriously squelch my enthusiasm, or at least govern it a bit, when asked what I did in Missouri for a week! Don’t take that last remark the wrong way. You see, and you may even have noticed, I tend to be quite vocal about things in which I deeply believe; close friends have even told me I’m intense and often must be taken in small doses. Alas, it is the price I pay for wanting to help others to richer understandings. Anyway, I am so excited about what I learned that I have been rereading every article on the LH website, as well as the latest that Chris Pollitt has posted on the UQ site. And, of course, I have been immersed in your two books, Ten Golden Rules of Horse Training, and Ride For Tomorrow, both of which I am thoroughly enjoying. I am like a human sponge!  Eegads.

Since I spent the bulk of my time under the tutelage of Ann and Richard, I have to tell you how I admire their expertise and their generosity in sharing all they know with the students! They were generous with time, input, correction, encouragement, tools and aprons, and they were generous with themselves, too. (And even Cynthia—whom I kidnapped for an assessment of a hoof I had just finished—offered me timeless advice that from that point forward made my trimming technique better.) Delightful beings all, whom I hope to learn much more from and get to know better!“

Kim Truitt, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

“I found your organization while researching all of the alternatives available for trimming instruction. I had a gut feeling that your program was among the best. What I discovered, is that Liberated Horsemanship is the best. Fantastic instructors, that are thoughtful, empathetic and skillful communicators. I felt at home right away, and look forward to many years of association with your organization. The gateway clinics provide a solid foundation that builds the confidence necessary to continue to practice and learn. I can’t wait to get started with field mentorships. It is very apparent that you pick your instructors with great care. I’m looking forward to returning to Warrenton in the spring for the advanced clinics!”

FAA Gold Seal Master Flight Instructor Greg Collins, ATP, CSES, CFI, CFII, MEI, A&P IA

“In my 48 years I have made several major career changes and participated in the necessary training for each. The Gateway Clinics training was by far the best training I have taken. It was very thorough. The instructors were quite knowledgeable and excellent at imparting the information. I highly recommend this for training for anyone wishing to learn the correct way to care for and trim their barefoot horse!

Elizabeth McNeil, Blessings Farm, Charlton, Massachusetts

“Liberated Horsemanship’s Gateway Hoof Care Clinics far exceeded any expectations of quality education that I have had. The scientific and practical approach to learning, the instructors’ knowledge of the subject matter, and their ability to express the information in a way that each individual student could understand it was a truly refreshing paradigm shifting experience.”

Chris P. Bieber, Ymir, British Columbia, CANADA.

“…thank you so much for such a great class! Someone on a Barefoot Group was asking about a trimming clinic in the Midwest, so of course I sent them your web site! 🙂 I told them that after taking the class, I feel confident that I can perform a balanced trim as long as I follow the guidelines, and I let them know that we all hear the old saying “No hoof, no horse”, well, this has been turned around into “No horse, no hoof.”

Karen C., Mid-Missouri.

“I want to personally thank you, Jean, Ann, Richard, and John for the wealth of information provided to us during the Gateway Clinics. My trim is ten times better than prior to the clinic and the horses under my care have the sexiest wild horse feet around! My confidence is solid because I have the knowledge to tackle any hoof I come across. Thank you for the DETAILED information on saddle fitting, growing hay, nutrition, equine digestion, stress reducers, booting, proper riding, trimming, tools…this stuff was exceptionally helpful to me – what a well rounded education you have given me – WOW. Thank You!  I’m so happy I came.”

Carrie Carlino, Pennsylvania.

“I recommend Liberated Horsemanship training to EVERYONE who has horses, whether you plan on trimming your own horses, trimming for others, are still shoeing your horses and curious about what a natural trim is all about, or don’t trim at all and just want what is best for your horses.

I loved everything about the clinic. The instructors were all very knowledgeable and excellent at explaining the topics they were teaching. There was a lot of hands-on trimming time broken up between classroom sessions. Plus, I got to meet students and instructors from all across America and Canada who share the same passion as me.

The clinic was about much more than just how to trim a hoof. From what we feed our horses, to the environment they are kept in, to how we ride them and more, the clinic covered so many factors that affect the soundness of our horses that most people are completely unaware of.

Before I even left the six day clinic to go home, I already couldn’t wait to come back for the advanced clinics! Thank you Bruce and the rest of the crew for the beginning of a wonderful learning experience!”

Michelle Miller, Missouri

I thought the Gateway Clinics were wonderful. The people in this organization are all friendly and knowledgeable. I also loved the fact that all the people I met truly love horses and they have picked this lifestyle because of their true desire to help horses. I will highly recommend the Gateway clinics, they are very informative and affordable!! I look forward to coming back for more training in the (I hope) near future !!!!!!!”

Ida B. Crum, Ohio

“hello bruce its wild bill again i am just amazed at the clinic man i came away with a whole new outlook on horses AMAZING the knowledge and expertise of the instructors and i felt like i was with family and friends and now proud to be part of liberated horsemanship best decision that i ever made !!!!!! look forward to seeing u all again to finish certification good lord willing to also do my master certification love u guys keep up the excellent work.”

Bill, AKA Wild Bill, Sharp, Sharp Hoof Care, Texas

“Thanks again for the wonderful, and I mean wonderful, workshop in June. I am really loving this work and this organization. What a stellar group of brilliant minds, hands, and hearts all gathered in one place.  Very impressive. The June workshop was time and money well spent, and then the field instructors, Richard and Louetta, went above and beyond in their instruction, mentoring, and support. Thanks to everyone for all their hard work and dedication. I am looking forward to more learning and growing within the organization.”

Annie Bauer, Texas

“I would just like to say thank you to everybody at Liberated Horsemanship. I had fun and it was a great learning experience. I have gained so much, and I know it will benefit every horse that I trim. The learning environment was so relaxed, and all the instructors were always more than happy to help and answer any questions. I felt as though I became a part of the Liberated Horsemanship extended family, and I am looking forward to coming back. It is clear that everybody at Liberated Horsemanship is working together to promote natural horse and hoof care practices. I would  absolutely recommend the Gateway Clinics and Advanced Topics to anyone who is interested in learning more about natural horse and hoof care.”

Michelle Bevelock, Florida

I want to tell you what a joy the clinic was for me. I feel like I walked out of there a totally different person and with a ton of new knowledge to boot. My new horse had front shoes and I was apprehensive about pulling them and starting the transition myself. I was so comfortable after the clinic I pulled his shoes 3 days after I got home and he’s transitioning wonderfully! Thank you so much for a wonderful wonderful class. I look forward to coming to many more.

Benjamyn Smith, Virginia

“I am so thankful for the education I received at the Gateway clinic. I returned home on Wednesday. Thursday morning was my first customer and immediately applied the information I learned.

All of my customers saw improvements to my trimming, and I showed them how just millimeters make a difference in hoof balance.

I am looking forward to and making plans to continue with advanced classes in April.

I am so thankful for Liberated Horsemanship. It will be a life time affiliation for me.”

Lisa later wrote: “I just cannot say enough positive things about all I learned from Liberated Horsemanship. It truly has improved the way I trim horses, and the results have been astounding. All the hooves I trim have grown healthier and my business is better than ever. I’m looking forward to my final field assessment with Ann this year.”

Lisa Ross

Just wanted to thank each of you for a wonderful clinic. I am honored to have been part of the first Liberated Horsemanship Kick Start program. After trimming outside horses for the past 5 years using bits and pieces from various groups and their models I feel I now have a better direction and can focus on one model. I have attended many clinics over the years and have never been part of one that covered so much information and gave such clarity to so many little details that over the years I could see happening but didn’t truly understand “why” they were happening. Now I can not only see but I now understand the consequences of each move I make and even better can explain things to my clients based on science and research along with my original instincts. The lectures really took my brain somewhere it’s never been and left me pondering all sorts of new ideas. Thanks to each and every one of you and I look forward to earning my certification and being part of such an educated and overly helpful group of equine professionals!

Paige Pittman

“All of the instructors were very friendly and personable. You could ask any question and they would do their very best to help you better understand. I plan on returning to future clinics to continue to expand my knowledge.

Danielle Dove

“Thank you so much for putting this on. I had such a great time and I learned a lot! The people are phenomenal here. I couldn’t have chosen a better organization. A special thanks to Eddie Drabek for telling me about y’all.”

Dusty McCord

“I can hardly believe the incredible amount of information and the hours of preparation it took to condense and distill the natural trim into a concise and thoroughly explained curriculum. Also, the hours of trimming with Ann and Cynthia were great. Ann and Cynthia’s expertise were manifest and conveyed in a concise and easy to understand way, removing much of the mystery of how perfect balance is achieved and how the slightest deviation can make a difference in the travels of the horse. The dissections of the hoof and foot and inner working of the boney column from the cannon through the third phalanx were incredible. The others who were hoof care pros and farriers were helpful too. It was a great group of men and women who have but one focus, and that is the best way to create a perfect natural trim. And, I’ll never forget Cynthia’s dismount!”

Ben Ferrin

“Returned home from the Liberated Horsemanship Gateway Clinic for Natural Hoof Care, and I can confidently say it has been one of the best experiences of my life! Not only have I come away having learnt some invaluable knowledge, I have also made some great memories with some new and fab friends, and have been set up by a strong, supportive foundation into what will be my new career as a Hoof Care Professional. The team at Liberated Horsemanship are comprised of scientists, engineers, and master hoof care professionals, who are completely inspirational, and I cannot thank them all enough for the experience that they have provided for us, including their trained hoof care professionals who have flocked from around the country to support the clinic and us new students! Loved every minute ❤️”

Taryn Hardman

“What a fantastic week at Liberated Horsemanship Gateway Clinic UK 2019 in the Scottish Borders.

It’s been wonderful to catch up with our good friends and colleagues from the United States as well as seeing lots of new students and making new friendships.

There have been some fantastic lectures from Bruce Nock, Ann Corso, and Steve Hebrock. The exquisite level of information is invaluable.

Sarah Oliver’s mum has excelled again in the food department and yet again great planning/deliverance and guidance from Sarah. Thank you!

It was an extremely informative and fabulous week of intensive learning. Horse health knowledge coupled with hoof health care.

Moreover, I’m thrilled to be able to now mentor- thank you, thank you!

Let’s keep the health and well-being of horse health and barefoot movement going.

Thank you to Liberated Horsemanship for yet again a truly brilliant clinic. Keep up the great work 👏 . Miss you all already 😊”

Emma Bailey

“What a week of learning! Got home and saw my pony in completely different light! Her poor feet! Thank you to Bruce, Steve, and Ann for your clear and in-depth knowledge and expertise in delivering it! Unfailing support and patience. And big thank you to Sarah for setting me on this path and supporting me, Rachel and Emma for helping answer all the other questions ! And it was great to meet everyone else, excellent company all round. Looking forward to putting into practice this new knowledge 😀”

Alison Herberts

“A big “thank you” to Liberated Horsemanship for the $200 check. Much, much appreciation for the gift. Frankly, I was not expecting anything and do not feel deserving. You all have given so much in the way of quality teaching and genuine support. The education Eric, Rebekah, and I have received from Liberated Horsemanship is invaluable. Although I got to learn by studying only and they got to travel for the additional hands-on training and lecture classes, we are in this equine education process together. We want the best for the horse and know that what we have learned from Liberated Horsemanship equips us.

I continue to tell others about Liberated Horsemanship in hopes that someone else will attend the clinic in order to spread the knowledge of proper care of the horse. I believe in what you all are doing and thank you for your dedication and quality education.

In particular, I especially enjoyed the last sentence of your email, “Please use this for a little luxury you might not otherwise splurge on.” I’m not one to splurge on myself but there is an item for the house that I’ve had my eye on for 4 years. I’ve decided to get it for myself for my upcoming birthday thanks to Liberated Horsemanship’s unexpected gift. I am so excited. Sincere thanks, Catherine Kent”


Zoo Hoofstock keepers & horse people!!!”




This is an amazing opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge about the factors that influence a healthy hoof as well as how to trim a balanced hoof. I use the knowledge gained from this program every day in both my zoo profession and as a Liberated Horsemanship Certified Zoo Hoofcare Practitioner.

This experience is life-changing for us and the animals in our care.


” Cindy Hall, Hoofstock & Primate Supervisor at Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens

“I’m looking forward to the upcoming clinic!! I learned so much from these brilliant horse people!!” Cindy Watson, Zookeeper at Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens

“As a former farrier and student of Jaime Jackson, Pete Ramey, Gene Ovniceck, and several other pioneers in this field, I’d say without hesitation that this is the BEST training experience for anyone interested in a more holistic equine approach!
I’ve been 20 years in this field and I’m still working on that MHCP as Liberated Horsemanship continues to include cutting-edge research and development into their curriculum. If you want to learn from the best and trust the science, why not choose the program with the most to offer? Liberated Horsemanship!” Nancy Frishkorn

“Loved all of it!” Anonymous