MHCP = LH Master Hoof Care Professional

CHCP = LH Certified Hoof Care Professional

CBS = LH Booting Specialists who have been Certified to custom fit the Swiss Horse Boot


LH All-star Faculty

LH instructors are chosen very carefully. An individual has to be exceptional to be considered for a teaching position. They have to be highly skilled with an in-depth knowledge of pertinent information. They also have to be articulate—able to communicate in-depth information in understandable terms. They must be enthusiastic about teaching and personable—able to create a friendly welcoming atmosphere conducive to learning and individual growth. Finally, they must be caring and dedicated to the kind and gentle treatment of horses.







Dr. Bruce Nock, MS, PhD

LH Founder/Owner

Missouri, USA

Bruce launched Liberated Horsemanship in 2003. He currently teaches Liberated Horsemanship students about the logic of an authentic natural trim, the interrelationship between hoof health and general health, and how biomechanics, environment, and management and use practices impact both. 

Bruce has been a biomedical scientist for nearly 50 years. He has an M.S. degree from Bucknell University and a Ph.D. from Rutgers University. He spent four years as a post-doctoral student and post-doctoral fellow at The Rockefeller University in New York City studying neuroendocrine and biochemical mechanisms of steroid hormone actions in the brain. Before retiring in 2021, Bruce was a tenured neuroendocrinologist at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri.

Bruce published two horse-related books, a number of science-based articles for laymen, affidavits and commissioned articles to support legal actions of wild horse advocacy groups, and articles of original research related to neuroendocrine, physiological, and biochemical processes and transgenerational epigenetic inheritance in leading scientific journals.

In addition to LH, Bruce serves on the faculty of The Kerulos Center—a non-profit organization that finds science-based solutions to pressing questions and concerns that affect the lives of animals. He is also a member of the Advisory Board of the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign (AWHPC), a broad-based coalition representing over 10 million supporters, and has written a series of commissioned, science-based articles for the AWHPC on how Bureau of Land Management practices negatively affect the long-term health and welfare of America’s wild horses. He has also written a number of commissioned declarations to support legal actions by advocate groups against the United States Government’s management of wild horses.

Bruce served in the Air Force and was assigned to a joint combat command composed of Marine, Army, Air Force, and Navy personnel. He held a Top Secret clearance and is a Viet Nam veteran.

Bruce lives on Watershed Farm with his wife, best friend, and highly valued advisor Jean Nock.


Ann Corso, MHCP

Director, LH Barefoot Initiative, GC Instructor, Field Instructor, Final Assessment Assessor

Kentucky, USA

Ann was the director of training for the AANHCP during its heyday and departed to co-found the LH Barefoot Initiative with Bruce in 2008. She is a world leader in natural hoof care education who is comfortable in the field as well as in the classroom.

In addition to LH, Ann founded “Kentucky Hoof Care, LLC,” a corporation based outside of Lexington, KY.

Ann is the author of Form Follows Function, an outstanding, informative article about how a proper hoof form facilitates function … a fundamental tenet of natural hoof care. She is also the author of the popular article Confessions of a Recovering Zealot. Both articles can be downloaded free on the LH website.

During the Gateway Clinic, Ann teaches participants how to do an authentic natural trim that maintains internal and external foot components in proper alignment and allows the foot to grow into a strong compact form that functions optimally. Importantly, she also explains the rationale behind an authentic natural trim and why certain trimming practices can do long-term harm and should not be followed. Ann’s extensive knowledge from field and teaching experiences also allows Ann to help participants anticipate and cope with things they may encounter while trimming.


Steve Hebrock, MHCP, CBS, MS

LH Gateway Clinic and Field Instructor

Ohio, USA

Steve is a retired University professor. He taught numerous classes at The Ohio State University ATI, including equine hoof care, marketing and facilities design, electronics, computer-aided design, and various computer application classes.

He has numerous patents, publications, and product designs to his credit. He recently developed computer-assisted, advanced technology for remotely monitoring and analyzing horse and hoof movements. In addition to his masterful hoof trimming and teaching skills, Steve’s background in engineering gives him unique insights into movement and hoof mechanics, which he describes in truly enlightened lectures during the Gateway Clinic … hence, Steve is a widely followed blogger known as the Enlightened Equine. Check out his blog at


Dr. Anna Huber, DVM., CAVCA

Masterclass Instructor

Ohio, USA

Anna is a practicing veterinarian with certification from the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association. She offers animal chiropractic services to horses, dogs, cats, and the occasional “other” animal through her private business, Bone-A-Fide Animal Chiropractic, and the Sharon Center Veterinary Hospital. 


John Graves, MHCP

Field Instructor, Gateway Clinic Instructor

South Carolina, USA

John has retired from a brilliant hoof care career. We are indebted to John for his pioneering contributions as a Gateway Clinic and Field Instructor. In recognition of his unique and valued friendship and services, John is the first of our faculty to be awarded Emeritus status. You can download John’s article My Conversion: A Farrier’s Journey To Natural Hoof Care from the LH website. John passed on his skill and knowledge to his daughter Sarah, who is now our newest Field Instructor (See Below).


Nick Hill, CHCP

Field Instructor

Bulgaria & UK

Nick is a brilliant Natural Hoof Care Professional. He travels the world teaching hoof care and exploring new ways to make natural hoof care even better. Nick has been a key figure for many years in promoting and establishing natural hoof care internationally. He is a highly valued friend to and member of the LH Barefoot Initiative.


Officer Scott Berry, CHCP, CBS

Field Instructor
Texas, USA

Scott is a Houston Police Officer. He was instrumental in transitioning the Houston Mounted Police Detail to barefoot hoof care. Scott, along with Danny Prior, spearheads our Training & Certification Program for Mounted Professionals, i.e., mounted police, park, conservation, search and rescue units, etc.


Officer Danny Prior, CHCP, CBS

Field Instructor
Texas, USA


Danny is a Houston Police Officer. He was instrumental in transitioning the Houston Mounted Police Detail to barefoot hoof care. Danny, along with Scott Berry, spearheads our Training & Certification Program for Mounted Professional, i.e., mounted police, park, conservation, search and rescue units, etc.


Cynthia Niemela, CHCP, CBS

Field Instructor, Advanced Topic Instructor

South Dakota, USA

Cynthia has exceptional credentials in horse-related fields. She has taught a highly popular Advanced Anatomy Clinic for LH and has encouraged more people to attend our Gateway Clinic than anyone else. Cynthia has been a loyal, valuable friend to the LH Barefoot Initiative since its inception.


Mike R. Smith, CHCP, CBS

Field Instructor

North Carolina, USA

Mike was a Gateway Clinic instructor before we called it the Gateway Clinic. He did a brilliant job teaching the Natural Trim Workshop sessions in our “Gateway Clinic” in Italy. A very accomplished trimmer who fluently speaks German as well as English.


Sarah Oliver, CHCP

Field Instructor

England, UK


Sarah hosted our Gateway Clinics in the UK and facilitated them in Spain. She has also helped teach Natural Trim Workshop sessions during Gateway Clinics in the UK, Spain, and the US. Sarah is a valued friend to LH. She is always ready to pitch in when needed to make events better.


Polina Vorobyova, CHCP, CBS

Field Instructor



Polina traveled to the US and Spain to attend Gateway Clinics. She has been a key advocate for LH and establishing natural hoof care in Russia. Polina is the first Russian LH instructor. She is also an avid skydiver.


Dr. Albert Villasevil Florensa, CHCP, DVM

Field Instructor

Catalonia, Spain


Albert is a veterinarian and an LH-certified hoof care professional. He is a pioneer of the barefoot movement and in the development of hoof boots in Spain. Albert hosted the LH Gateway Clinics in Spain and introduced LH to a number of outstanding natural hoof care professionals in that country.


Eddie Drabek, CHCP

Field Instructor

Texas, USA


Eddies is a natural hoof care pioneer. He started his journey with natural hoof care by saving two of his own horses with laminitis/founder … horses that vets and farriers gave up on. Eddie now enjoys teaching and having students come to work with him from all over the world.


Mark Taylor, MHCP, CBS

Field Instructor

Mississippi, USA


Mark was the Director of Strategic Planning for the AANHCP during its heyday and is now one of our valued field instructors.


Nancy Frishkorn, CHCP

Field Instructor

Pennsylvania, USA


Nancy started as a farrier and transitioned to natural hoof care. She is a highly-skill trimmer with terrific teaching skills.


Louetta Plumlee, CHCP, CBS

Field Instructor

Arkansas, USA


Louetta started as a farrier and is now an outstanding natural hoof care professional with years of field experience.


Dr. Neal Valk, CHCP, DVM, DACVS

Field  & Advanced Topic Instructor, & Occasional Gateway Clinic Lecturer.

Tennessee, USA


Internally known, Neal was the first veterinarian ever to be certified as a hoof care professional. 


Marc Sánchez Carbó, CHCP

Field Instructor

Catalonia, Spain

Mark helped create the Farrier Officer and Assistant Training Curriculum for the Catalonia Government and the Spanish Ministry of Education. He also helped prepare the formative curriculum for the EFFA’s School (European Federation Farriers Association). In addition, Mark worked for over 10 years as a teacher and coordinator at the ECAE (Agricultural and Equestrian Training School of the Catalonia Government for various courses (farrier officer, farrier assistant, expert care management, equestrian tourism guide).

Mark is now a valued LH natural hoof care professional and instructor.


Dr. Geoff Tucker, DVM

Advanced Topic Instructor

Florida, USA

Geoff specializes in equine dentistry. He is an experienced horseman whose skill with and understanding of horses shine through when he’s working … no power tools and very limited use of medication. Most importantly there is an elegant simplicity to Geoff’s approach to floating teeth. He has personally floated the teeth of an astounding 65,000 horses.


Dr. Don Walsh, DVM

Advance Topic Instructor

Missouri, USA

Don is an internationally-acclaimed expert on equine laminitis. He is the Founder and President of the Animal Health Foundation (AHF), a non-profit foundation devoted to finding the causes of and ways to prevent laminitis/founder in horses. Since its inception, the AHF has awarded millions of dollars for laminitis research to world-renowned researchers. Don also has personally participated in studies of the wild horses of Australia.


Victor Ros Pueo, BSc, ABT, GAT

Advanced Topic Instructor

Catalonia, Spain


A naturalist dedicated to equids. When not in the field, lecturing, or tutoring, Victor offers behavioral consultancy and behavior modification services to horse owners throughout Spain.


Dr. Martin K. Nielsen, DVM, Ph.D., DipEVPC, DipACVM

Advanced Topic Instructor

Gluck Equine Research Center, Department of Veterinary Science

University of Kentucky

Martin is one of only two full-time equine parasitologists in the world.


Kevin Glenister, CHCP

Field Instructor

Ontario, Canada


A former police officer who found a new life as a Certified Hoof Care Professional.


Darcy Bulmer, CHCP, CBS

Field Instructor

British Columbia, Canada

Darcy was among the first LH-Certified Hoof Care Professionals in Canada.


Sarah Graves, CHCP

Field Instructor

Colorada, USA

John Graves, MHCP (Retired; See above) thankfully passed on his considerable skill and knowledge to his daughter Sarah. LH is very pleased to continue to have a Graves for an instructor.